Model the Behaviour you Wish to view in Your Child!

Children will follow in the footsteps of those around them, as they grow, they absorb the environment that surrounds them.

They mimic the actions they see, speak to others how they are spoken to, and most importantly, treat people the way they see others being treated.

As adults they watch us like hawks, they listen to our words, examine our faces and absorb our reactions.

What we want our children to be, we should be. What we want them to do, we should do, how we want them to act, we should act.

There are no programs, curriculum or assessment tasks to monitor the care, love and compassion our children possess as they grow into adults.

The only measure we should be using is how kind they are, how much they care and how much they believe in themselves to change the world.

If we want our children to be kind, be kind! If we want our children to listen, listen!

If we want our children to believe they can follow their dreams, make sure you’re following yours! ❤️

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