I’m happy to announce that I’ve finally finished w…

I’m happy to announce that I’ve finally finished writing my 5th children’s book! “Can I Stay Here?’ Illustrated by the amazing , tells the story of a refugee goat named Sophie.

Sophie turns up on day on a logging train from deep in the Himalayas to request to stay in a field full of buffaloes.

After arguments and unrest amongst the herd, they finally let her stay only to find that she’s got a lot to offer the group.

But when the gate is left open and Gordon’s daughter wanders out onto the train track to eat flowers the buffalo point the finger at Sophie and expel her back to where she cane from.

After an unexpected admission they soon realise that they’d make a mistake and go in search of Sophie.

“Can I stay here?” Teaches chilled about the importance of acceptance and inclusion and tells the story of so many refugees fleeing persecution, war, and death in their homeland, only to be blamed for situations in developed countries once they arrive.

The book should be ready by early next year and I’m very excited!

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