I’m a nation where women are still trying to find …

I’m a nation where women are still trying to find equality, in an industry where the leaders and policy makers are all men. In a time where equal rights for women are on the cusp.

There’s one woman whom I revere with great pride. She has climbed her way to the top of the pile, she’s earned her spot at the at the peak of the tallest mountain.

Her teachers respect her, because she is on the ground with her staff, if she expects them to clean, she cleans, she fights for the rights of her teachers. She understands education and is willing to make decisions to protect them.

She works for the greater cause, thinks big but acts small. She has a look of honesty in her eyes.

She’s a leader, a changemaker, an influencer and she deserves to be admired. She will face segregation, blockades of objection and revolt. But she will not give up. She flies the flag of equality, fairness and gratitude like no other leader I know.

Her name she’s the principal of and I’m very happy to call her my friend!!!

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