If you want to change the world, start today!!! ❤️

You want to change the world, change your life, change the future. You’ve gotta start somewhere. But make sure you start! 
Start by doing 1 push up.
Start by making 1 person smile.

Start by singing 1 song.

Start by drinking 1 cup of water.

Start by paying towards 1 debt.

Start by reading 1 page. 

Start by making 1 sale.

Start by not drinking for 1 day.

Start by deleting 1 old contact. 

Start by walking 1 lap.

Start by attending 1 event.

Start by going to bed 1 hour earlier. 

Start by writing 1 paragraph. 

Start by saying hello to 1 new person.

Start by stopping for just 1 minute. 

Start something somewhere and repeat tomorrow. 

But just make sure you start today. 

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