I love working with people who strive to make the …

I love working with people who strive to make the world a better place, they strive to improve the future for our children and they strive to change an educational system that is so intrenched that the powers that be don’t want to see change because it’s too scary.

Meet who spends each and every day trying to incorporate critical thinking, self-regulated learning and inquiry into today’s curriculum.

I’m happy to work with her to develop programs that will prepare our children for jobs and a world that is yet to emerge.

Today we discussed the power of activities that solve real life problems and how to incorporate these fundamentals into today’s curriculum.

When we present our children with real life problems such as global sea levels rising, plastic usage, recycling, the obesity problem and ask them for their solutions it really opens up a whole world of education.

Try it. Put a list of global issues in the board and see what solutions your class can come up with. You never know, you might just discover the next


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