I don’t normally write about politics as you know….

I don’t normally write about politics as you know. But I think it’s very important that our students understand, that although the international news reports jobs, the economy, the financial markets and share prices continuously.

It is in essence, absolutely worthless without sustainability and a healthy natural environment.

We need leaders who will do what is right. They will protect the world before we cross a red line.

Without nature everything else is worthless!

You can’t eat Money, you can’t breathe it, and you certainly can’t drink it.

We need our communities to vote for those who don’t talk about growth, or jobs or the economy.

We need leaders who act. They act upon climate change, protecting our fauna and flora, historical cultures, acceptance and inclusion. These are the leaders we be need.

So if you teach your children anything this week.

Teach them this! For these children are the only hope we’ve got!!!

I’m starting early. ❤️

What will you teach?

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