I am always mind-blown by the independence of our …

I am always mind-blown by the independence of our students and the way in which they are able to make selections for themselves from an early age. We should never underestimate the potential of the child from a very early age. From wiping the table in Infant Community to starting a new Aeroplane Club in Stage 2, It is these interactions and subtle developments that make the method of Montessori a true education for the whole child. Not only do we cater for the child academically, but we observe and monitor their social, emotional and physical well-being.

Our actions and behaviour affect the way in which our children function in and out of school. One of the defining factors for me is the way our children care for each other and the environment around them. Not only do they see that the world is a place that they need to take care of, but they see it as a place that they can have an impact on. With constant fundraisers and initiatives raised by the students, it is clear that they feel empowered to make a change. We are very much on the forefront of empowering these changes and initiatives. Children need to feel that even though they are small and relatively new to this world, they have a lot to offer and collectively we have a much bigger voice.

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