How to Put Mental Well-being First.

“If we don’t put our childrens’ mental health first on our priority list, then we may as well be talking to a brick wall, because if our children are not feeling safe, secure, happy and loved, there’s no learning taking place today!”

Here’s how we can start to change our focus towards the mental wellbeing of our students.

1. Actively listen before offering advice.

2. Be patient with children, walk at their pace not yours.

3. Share your feelings and validate theirs.

4. Always tell the truth. Model by example.

5. Provide an example of a healthy lifestyle.

6. Follow through with your promises.

7. Believe children and believe in them.

8. Practise relaxation together.

9. Acknowledge positive choices.

10. Set boundaries and respect them.

11. Limit electronics for everyone, including yourself.

12. Observe them and try to understand their feelings.

13. Have scheduled down time.

14. Respond calmly when emotions are elevated.

15. Be present. Give them your full attention.

16. Model forgiveness.

17. Use open ended questions.

18. Teach children how to stay safe.

19. Surround your children with positivity and encouragement.

With a healthy environment our children will grow into the leaders of tomorrow.

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