How do we say no to our children without being neg…

How do we say no to our children without being negative?

…the adult's role is to "Teach the children limits with love or the world will teach them without it."

Children are inquisitive, they want to run when it slippery, rock on their chair or put that dirty thing in their mouth. To a certain extent the human body is created to want to experience the failures and the pain that the world offers.

But it is important to limit your children using the correct language.

Firstly we should make sure that if we are going to limit them or stop them in their tracks then we must explain why we are limiting them. we must avoid saying 'Don't do that!" and replace it with "I can't let you do that", or "That's not a good idea." But we we must explain why. Why can't they reach for the kettle, or run with scissors?

When we explain why they cannot do something we give them a basis from which they can learn but also one where they can spot dangers for others and act accordingly. You will start to hear children advising their peers saying, "You shouldn't lean back on your chair Thomas because you could damage your brain or hurt your spine!"

Your words suddenly become a life lesson that will live on. "My father told me…. My teacher used to say……."

Try it.

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