Here’s the structure of “The Perfect Lesson” 1. I…

Here’s the structure of “The Perfect Lesson”

1. Introduce the subject and why are we actually bothering to learn about it. “Today we are going to learn about the human heart because it’s a vital part of our survival.”

2. Ask the children if anyone already knows about the heart. Maybe there’s a child who’s father is a surgeon and he’s an expert. Suddenly the child is the teacher and you can step back. There’s already an expert here! Children learn better from each other.

3. Show them an actual heart. “A lamb’s heart is perfect. Each child will have a reaction, positive or negative, each and every child will talk about it later at home. “Today our teacher brought a real heart into school.”

4. Ask them what they would like to know about the heart. “How does a heart attack occur? How big is a whales heart? Does it slow down at night? Write these questions down on the board.

5. Tell the class that via whatever means possible they have 1 week to research one or all of the questions, and represent their findings in any way they like. One child might build a model of the heart, another may draw a diagram, write a report etc

6. The children feedback to the group with their findings.

There it is, self guided, self disciplined learning for all. Share it! ❤️

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