Here’s how to change a child’s behaviour, place of…

Here’s how to change a child’s behaviour, place of belonging and self worth in one minute.

Children love our attention and if we give them the attention for the negative things they are doing they will continue. Because any attention is good attention.

“Stop calling out, sit down, stop looking out of the window, make your work neater, stop disturbing others etc”

That’s attention and they will continue.

Or you can try to ignore those small altercations and the moment you see something positive. “That’s the most amazing sentence I’ve ever read Tommy!”

Get him to the front, everyone’s clapping, “in twenty years I’ve never seen a sentence this good! “

Then suddenly he sees there’s another way to get noticed! By working hard, listening and concentrating.

It even works on adults! Yesterday I told this lady it was the best red circle I’d ever seen, we all clapped and look at her face!!!

Problem solved!

“If a seed doesn’t grow, don’t change the seed, change the soil!”

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