Good morning. Here is the single most important …

Good morning.

Here is the single most important tip for Amy teacher who is finding it hard to control or manage their class.

Tell them that you care about them, and on those days when they’ve got no one to talk to, they’re feeling lovely, they forgot to have breakfast, or their pet cat died. Tell them that if they need you for anything, you’re not going anywhere.

Teaching was once one of the most noble professions in the world. To teach was almost godly. And the reason for it, is the influence we have over our children is huge.

To them you are the guardian to the kingdom of knowledge. And intrinsically children seek knowledge through experience.

Yes they will have difficulties along the way, their feelings will be hurt, they’ll cry, they’ll struggle to sort them out but all you need to do is be there along the journey, not intervening every time but just hovering in the background in case they need you.

When times get tough, just have a quiet word “I can see you’re having trouble telling those girls you feel left out, can I give you some ways to solve it?”

Then allow the child to fix the issue alone whist you watch from afar.

When the problem is solved you whisper “Well done, I’m always here if you need a hand.”

Trust is crucial ❤️

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