Even though we strive for our students to reach th…

Even though we strive for our students to reach their full potential, we also as teachers must make sure they stay grounded. No one likes a child who thinks he knows it all. We want them to keep searching for those hidden gems of knowledge they only find through exploration. Here are my top 5 ways.

1. Explain to the class that “the only constant thing in the entire universe is change’ unpack it and discuss it. They will soon realise there’s more to discover as the cosmos evolves.

2. Explain that as a race we have only explored 7% of the worlds oceans. If we’ve only explored that small amount of our own planet, imagine what we are yet to discover in the billions of other planets out there.

3. Since the earth formed 5,000,000,000 years ago, humans have only been around for 0.0000004% of that time. We are not the end game for this planet. There’s been others before us and their will be others after we go.

4. Money will not make you happy, and neither will fame. Don’t aim for these goals as your ultimate destiny. Leave your mark in the minds of others as the one that did something remarkably beautiful.

5. Don’t stop learning until your passion is your profession. Don’t waste your life doing something you hate.

These are big topics for emerging minds.

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