Currently there’s a huge uproar around the globe s…

Currently there’s a huge uproar around the globe surrounding screen time and children. How much time is too much time?

Rather than questioning the amount of time a child spends on a screen, I ask myself, “What is the screen being used for and is the time spent on it appropriate?”

Screens can improve our classrooms so much, they open up a whole new world of educational direction that we MUST offer to the students of the 21st century.

In this picture you can see a boy in my class decided to film his own animation based around his research on early humans and the coming of man!

Here’s 5 ways in which you can implement an iPad in your classroom without compromising your stance on education!

1. Make a weekly news show, the hosts are children that interview select guests from the class. Upload to the school newsletter!

2. Have photography classes. At the end of each term the children are presented with an album of their top 12 photos!

3. Create stop motion animation on history, geography and narrative writing topics.

4. Keep a video diary using the iPad!

5. Make products and use persuasive devices to create commercials selling their them.

Tech has its place in our classrooms but make sure it’s being used for the right reasons.


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