Communication at 10 months old!! 

This will be the best thing you have read all week! I promise.
What are the best foundations for your child to make sure that their communication skills are amazing as they make their way through primary school?

Almost 80% of the way we communicate is ‘non-verbal’ which means that as children reach the age of just 1, they can literally understand everything you say. tone, body language, posture etc

The problem is that they can’t yet form words with their mouth, so find it hard to respond. With dad trying to force more food down the child’s throat for fear of starvation, the child is full, but has no way of communicating this apart from crying, stamping or pushing his food on the floor.

So what if, every time parents said those key phrases like hungry, pain, full, or food, they used the sign language at the same time. the children would also start to copy you.

The children would start to mimic you and hey presto, even though they can’t speak, they can still tell you that its enough food, or they have pain, or their hungry without the fear of being misunderstood or having to throw a tantrum.

Try it and share it with a mum that needs it.

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