Believe in Your Students as they Believe in you.

Yesterday I drove out west to attend the annual Eid celebrations in the Muslim community. It was a beautiful night with beautiful people.

As I walked around a girl came over. “Sir” she said. “Is that you Mr McCormack?”

Of course I replied yes and recognised her face a little but couldn’t remember the name. “It’s Fatima.” She said. “You changed my life sir.”

I asked her how? She replied “I was the naughtiest girl in the school, mo-one believed in me but you made my school captain and now I’m going to study law at University.”

I almost cried right there and then.

“It has worked” I thought. “My plan actually worked.”

Suddenly the memories came back. She was the naughtiest kid, she had a reputation for not caring about school. But within 2 weeks of being in my class I made her school captain.

I was called into the principal’s office to be questioned over my decision, Teachers, parents all questioned my reasoning but I stuck by my decision.

I remember thinking that all she needs is someone to believe in her, someone to tell her she matters, sone kind of responsibility in the school. A reason to attend.

Within a few days she’d proved them all wrong and when she graduated I never saw her again. Until today.

Teachers are amazing. ❤️

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