Attempting to get children interested in poetry can be difficult, but not impossible!

Attempting to get children interested in poetry can be difficult. Lots of children see poetry as a subject that’s similar to dance. They like to hear it or look at it but it’s too hard to understand, comprehend and perform themselves.

The truth is that almost everything is poetry, from nature to music! It’s all poetry in motion.

A great way to inspire your class to get involved is by listing some famous quotes by William Shakespeare. Explain that these phrases are common in today’s language but each and every one was created by the famous poet!!!

all that glitters isn’t gold
barefaced liar
break the ice
catch a cold
disgraceful conduct
dog will have his day
eat out of house and home
fair play
flaming youth
foregone conclusion
green eyed monster
heart of gold
it smells to heaven
it’s Greek to me
live long day
method in his madness
mind’s eye
more sinned against than sinning
naked truth
neither a borrower nor a lender be
one fell swoop
pitched battle
primrose path
the course of true love never did run smooth
the lady doth protest too much
the milk of human kindness
too much of a good thing
towering passion
wear one’s heart on one’s sleeve

Do you know anymore?


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