As we walked into the sunset together, the childre…

As we walked into the sunset together, the children were so excited to show me the place they go for entertainment. We walked through the village of Newalperassi on the Indian border and finally we reached the place where it was all happening.

A tree.

Each night the villagers meet under the tree and tell each other stories. It was a time to share, a time to laugh and a time for me to realise that material possessions are not the things that bring us happiness.

People, experiences, love And emotions. To feel like you belong, to be accepted. This is true happiness.

If we are going to teach children about community and the bonds of life, we must teach them one valuable rule.

“People will do not want to be beside you because of the things you give them, nor because of the things you do for them. People want to stand beside you because of how you make them feel!”

How do you make people feel? ❤️

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