As the school principal I receive lots of letters …

As the school principal I receive lots of letters from children but this one really melted my heart.

We have been talking a lot about acceptance in school. With the migrant crisis happening all over the world, borders being erected to stop human beings from entering another land to escape rape, torture, persecution and death its important that our children understand that as human beings we are all equal.

We all have a right to the basic fundamental needs.

After a long talk with the younger children I received this wonderful letter explaining her stance on acceptance. I felt extremely honoured to be named personally but the last two words melted my heart.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone. Remember that it’s our multiculturalism as a nation that allows us to eat the foods we do, wear the clothes we like, speak the languages we love and best of all, have the friends we have!

I feel honoured to have such a rich and diverse following here and I do hope you will visit me one day as I hope to also visit you.


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