As I stood in front of over 200 future leaders of …

As I stood in front of over 200 future leaders of India, I wanted to make sure that my message of the importance of compassion rang strong.

And for any teachers or leaders out there who struggle to find an angle to work in the teaching of compassion into the curriculum, this analogy may help.

Compassion is our way of understanding the perspective of another human being. It’s our way of connecting. No matter what their issues, situation or attitude, our approach to them should not waver.

Greet others with kindness, humility, acceptance and understanding.

Compassion leads to connections and for anyone who claims to be “independent” in this world. I’d be asking for some pretty solid proof.

You see, the shirt you’re wearing was bought by you, but does that mean that you’re independent?

A man had to grow that cotton, it had to be harvested by a tractor which was made from steel, the ore for that steel to be produced, had to be mined. And the cotton had to be sewn into a shirt, then shipped, distributed and sold.

You only bought it!

The world runs on connections, those connections are fuelled by compassion. The stronger your compassion, the more connected you will feel and inevitably, the better the world will function.

“Together we can fly” ❤️

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