Are You Prepared To Teach?

The two most important things when teaching a new concept such as continents are;

1. Preparation. 99% of the success of lessons is due to the preparation. 

• Have you prepared your teaching materials? 

• Do you know your content knowledge? 

• Have you mapped out the lesson in its entirety? 

• Is it student lead? 

• Have you left room for errors, self correction? Discussion and debate? 

• Have you included observation as part of your assessment criteria? 

2. Modelled examples. 

• Do you have clear objectives for your students? 

• Have you shown them the kind of work you’re expecting? 

• Have you offered them a variety of ways to demonstrate their understanding? 

• Are you allowing them to work in groups, pairs and individually? 

• Are your expectations high? 

• Have you explained that the intention behind, why they have created this item? 

• Were you interesting as you delivered it? Did you hook them? 

If you can do all these things each and every lesson then prepare to change the world one student at a time!!! 

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