Are you considering removing exams from your curri…

Are you considering removing exams from your curriculum planner? Here’s how you can still assess your students without the need for exams.

Your first task is to set a clear list of termly learning goals for each child, based on your curriculum mapping document. So essentially “This is what Tommy needs to know by April”

Your second job is to share the list with him. “This term we are going to learn about all these things, please stick the list in your book and we can tick them off as you achieve them.” The reason for this is it allows the student to work independently on some of these tasks if they wants to. It could be at home, at recess or in class

Next, Teach! Teach hard and with passion and follow your curriculum.

Halfway through the term sit down for a chat with Tommy. ‘A Conference’ Always revering to the list. Check where he’s at, what does he know and what has he missed?

Make a new more concise list for the remainder of the term and repeat until the close of term. But in that conference, evaluate not only the child’s learning, but your teaching too!

Can you teach better to get him over the line?

Exams! Who needs them when you’ve got observations, conversations and inspired students?

Try it and see how independent your students become!

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