A teachers desk. A place where conversations tha…

A teachers desk.

A place where conversations that will change a child’s life happen.

A place where careful preparation for tomorrow’s classes happen.

A place where hundreds of cups of tea are consumed.

A place where tears of frustration roll.

A place where parents sit in need of some help.

A place where books are graded, spellings are fixed and commas are added.

A place where children come for a chat.

A place where the roll is marked and everyone is cared for.

A place where a child is never allowed to sit. Unless they’ve been naughty! Oooops

A place where biscuits are locked away for those nights when you’re still at school at 7pm.

A place where your special hole puncher and stapler are kept.

A place where lists are made, lists for every occasion.

A place where the future of humanity is crafted.

A place where we plan our next steps.

A place where the whiteboard markers are stored.

A teachers desk is much more that a piece of wood with four legs. It’s a place where lives are crafted, futures are sealed and potential is spotted!

For you my dear are a teacher! ❤️

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