The only constant in education is change, and that change is you!

Gavin Mccormack

The only constant in education is change, and that change is you!

The only constant in education is change, and that change is you!

7 Free Resources all Families Need During Lockdown

Dear families,

As many families are moving into lockdown situations around the world due to Covid-19, I wanted to put together a list of downloadable free resources that parents and teachers may wish to use during lockdowns and homeschooling.

The list includes interactive learning from home timetables, practical life engagement lists for children of all ages, and general resources to allow you to get the most amount of independence and engagement during these difficult times.

80 Practical life activities for toddlers – Download here

100 Practical life activities for Primary aged children – Download here

Interactive Educational Weekly timetable – Download here

A to Z Guide to Educational Success for Parents – Download here

Interactive Emotional Intelligence Activity Booklet 5-7 year olds – Download here

Interactive Emotional Intelligence Activity booklet 8-10 year olds – Download here

A to Z Guide to Emotional Intelligence for Parents and Teachers – Download here

These free resources should allow you to get through the lockdown situation and make life a little easier, as you try to work from home and educate your children at the same time.

Good luck everyone!!!

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  1. Gavin, thank you. I’ve asked for advice before and you let no one down! I will pass, as I’ve done in the past, this information to students’ families, in different parts of the world, where lockdowns have had such bad effects on kids. Hyperactivity, lack of concentration, loss of interest with too much technology etc. No need for me to tell you, I know. Bad moods in children and parents..I have a little boy 5 yr old student in Brazil. he truly loves me, I listened carefully when I met him and try to keep it to games, play dough , realia , I ask to show me his…I teach English as a second language although I’ve always been teaching it through different subjects from primary to high school, with what in Italy is called CLIL projects, aims are content of a subject and focus on specific vocab and grammar points, double work , but certainly more engaging than just teaching a new language…making it come to life 🙂 in music with Peter and the Wolf or chemistry or the European Union or science..even PE was fun and I am no athletic person. However, parents I have are so worried about their children learning especially when distance learning is required, that they won’t permit, the importnt I of Independence. this mum wants to take part, be there decide, she MAKES him do things afraid he’ll miss out oon something. I’ve tried to tell her to leave me alone with him as we have a perfect understanding , and I will keep trying, but she is still too anctious and so afraid that I ask her if she can get my student a glass of water please to leave us alone, that each lesson first thing she reminds me of is that she needs to collaborate. So must respect both needs, but I think I will plan a collaboration for her after our lesson sending her detailed feedback and lesson plan beforehand so she knows whats going on and has her fun homework to do with him if she wishes…will find a way and try them all:) sorry this long message…Help! :)))) from a teacher who feels reassured by all your posts! Always!
    Will look up everything and send her some suggestions. Thank you!!! as always. Angie

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