The only constant in education is change, and that change is you!

Gavin Mccormack

The only constant in education is change, and that change is you!

The only constant in education is change, and that change is you!

100 Free Places to Find Tools for “Learning From Home” During COVID-19

There’s all here!!!

Albert-an instructional companion that personalizes and accelerates learning

Alchemie-offers interesting chemistry resources

AmazingPeopleSchools– a perfect tool for students to strengthen their character and work on their wellbeing. It includes lessons, teacher guides and relevant assemblies to help schools navigate current challenges

Amaze-provide young adolescents around the globe with medically accurate, age-appropriate, affirming, and honest sex education they can access directly online—regardless of where they live or what school they attend

Bark– monitors school-issued G Suite and Office 365 accounts for signs of digital dangers including cyberbullying, threats of violence, suicidal ideation, online predators

Bedrock Vocabulary-broad, rich vocabulary and reading programme, keeping students reading during absence from school and focusing on crucial Tier 2 academic vocabulary that can be applied right across the curriculum

Belouga– an online platform connecting classrooms around the world focused on creating cultural bridges through everyday communication and collaboration

BookCreator-a simple tool for creating awesome digital books. Create your own teaching resources or have your students take the reins. Combine text, images, audio and video to create: Interactive stories. Digital portfolios.

BrainPop-helps teachers keep track of learning, allowing them to see quiz results, do class-wide analysis, and provide feedback on learning. It also provides access to the Quiz Mixer, a custom assessment creator

Britannica School– a citable, online learning resource trusted by teachers and pupils-the information in Britannica School is aligned to the national curriculum, updated daily and spans a range of media, including video, images and audio content. Curated and checked by professional editors, it is the must-have learning and teaching digital resource. ( Now until the 1st of September 2020 schools can get full access to Britannica School and Launch Packs. No payment required. Validation granted from Britannica IT).

Buncee-a creation and presentation tool for students and educators to create interactive classroom content, allowing learners of all ages to visualize concepts and communicate creatively

Cengage-creates learning experiences that build confidence and momentum toward the future students want. Serving the higher education, K-12, professional, library and workforce training markets worldwide

Century-intelligent intervention tool that combines learning science, AI and neuroscience

CheckologyPremium-a browser-based platform where middle school and high school students learn how to navigate today’s challenging information landscape by developing news literacy skills. Through its lessons, educators equip their students with tools to evaluate and interpret information and to determine what they can trust, share and act on

CiscoWebex-a cloud-based web and video conferencing service that enables global and virtual teams to collaborate on mobile devices and standards-based video systems in real time

Clanbeat– allows teachers to compose content in text, video or picture format. Push it out to your selected audience and get overview of the engagement and live feedback. Use it for creating individual learning experiences or overall communication on must have to-do’s that need to reach everyone in your group.

ClassHook-help teachers facilitate discussions using educational clips from popular TV shows and movies

ClassKick-a free digital formative assessment tool that allows teachers to create lessons and assignments that students work through on their devices at their own pace

ClassWorkZoom-visualizes student work in Google Classroom assignments so you can really see their effort and take it into account

CodeSchoolFinland-provides a curriculum for coding, robotics and artificial intelligence

Creaza-a creative and playful learning tool that enables students and teachers to create mind maps, presentations, cartoons, and videos

CrowdMark-a collaborative online grading and analytics platform

Curriki-an online, free, open education service

Differ– a chat app for university students, making it easier for you to connect and chat with peers

Discovery Education– a simple-to-use K-12 learning platform that combines dynamic curated curriculum resources with on-demand teaching strategies, personalized for your needs as an educator

DreamApply– next generation of student application management, built and designed with education institutions

EdConnect-reach students otherwise unavailable by choice, distance, or schedule by extending academic office hours with video-based messaging

Edmodo– an educational technology company offering a communication, collaboration, and coaching platform to K-12 schools and teachers

EdPuzzle-create beautiful interactive video lessons for your students you can integrate right into your LMS

EDFORLEARNING-A rich library of curriculum- aligned lessons and assessments across the subject areas. Content is carefully scaffolded to allow all students to experience success, while providing rich opportunities for higher order thinking

EduFlow-a platform used to engage students with effective active participation and collaboration

EF Class-offers a complete set of flexible learning materials for English teachers– a K-12 online platform to read, write, code, share, and remix interactive stories using professional illustrations and sounds

EPRAISE-An online school rewards system for both primary and secondary schools designed to motivate students to work harder, attend more and behave better

Frog Education– an online system which supports students with their learning as well as other aspects of their school life

Google Hangouts Meet– a video conferencing service that enables you to hold chats and virtual meetings

ExplainEverything-a whiteboarding platform where people meet to share ideas and make them visual and clear so they can better understand each other

Formative– a web-app for classrooms that allows teachers to give live assignments to students

Google Classroom-a free web service, developed by Google for schools, that aims to simplify creating, distributing, and grading assignments in a paperless way

Gynzy-all-in-one educational software that combines standards-aligned lessons, bite-sized games & activities, and class management tools to unlock the potential of your Interactive Whiteboard

Hāpara Instructional Suite– provides teachers with a space to build assignments and projects that can easily be differentiated for groups or individuals. It gives learners an easy, intuitive interface to manage their assignments, customize their submissions and participate in learning and teaching

InferCabulary– a web-based, visual vocabulary and reasoning program using the Semantic Reasoning method

JoVe– extensive STEM education video library ( free access to JoVE Core – video textbook that visually presents core concepts in Biology & Social Psych/ JoVE Science Education – a collection of easy-to-understand video demos in 8 STEM fields/ Lab Manual – comprehensive, curriculum focused videos for intro bio labs)

Kahoot-a game-based learning platform that makes it easy to create, share and play learning games

KamiApp-PDF & document annotation app for schools– mute background noise during calls

KhanAcademy-free video tutorials and interactive exercises

Kikora-a next generation learning tool for mathematics instruction. Kikora enables students to learn and teachers to teach math more efficiently/ for speakers of Norwegian only

Kognity-digital publisher which combines the power of technology and textbooks to create a vastly elevated learning experience

LabsLand-a global network of remote laboratories. A remote laboratory is a real laboratory available through the Internet, so students have access to real equipment

LifeNinja-a communication hub between the school and parents, or a hub for internal school communications

Lingvist– take your vocabulary to the next level (Spanish/French/Russian/German)

Listenwise-listening comprehension platform available to advance literacy and learning

LiveGym skole– ( for speakers of Norwegian only)- online physical education classes

Loom Pro– a video recording tool that helps you get your message across through instantly shareable videos/ With Loom, you can record your camera, microphone, and desktop simultaneously.

MangaHigh– get your students excited, engaged and excelling at maths and coding

Mango– an online language learning resource that adapts to your study habits/ Mango Languages is available online and in app form for both iOS and Android devices. You can sync your progress across all devices for that seamless learning advantage.

Membean– offers guided, multimodal, personalized vocabulary instruction for grades 6 to 12. We are offering free pilots until September 2020 for an unlimited number of teachers and students. Email to and we’ll help you get setup quickly.

Microsoft Teams for Education-an online classroom so students and teachers can find new ways to continue to focus on learning. Free for schools and universities, Teams provides an online classroom that brings together virtual face-to-face connections, assignments, files and conversations into a single place accessible on either mobile, tablet, PC or browser

Mindhive– provides online collaboration tools for organisations to bring together all parts of your network and staff together no matter where you are

Mindspark– an online tool to enhance children’s understanding of maths

TheMozi-a research-supported platform that helps instructors create writing prompts across the curriculum with a matching interface for students to construct their essays

MysteryScience– rovides ready-made science mysteries for elementary school students. Each lesson contains a central mystery, discussion questions, supplemental reading, and a hands-on activity

NearPodstudent engagement platform with ready- to-run interactive lessons for K-12 teachers

Newsela-a data base of current events stories tailor- made for classroom use. Indexed by broad theme (e.g. War and Peace, Arts, Science, Health, Law, Money), stories are both student-friendly and can be accessed in different formats by reading level

NimbusNote-a Chrome extension that works similar to Screencastify. Allows you to screen grab, record over presentations or record a “live” lesson.

Notion– write, plan, collaborate, and get organized. Notion is all you need — in one tool

OpenBroadcasterSoftware-free and open source software for video recording and live streaming

Otusan educational technology platform to support K-12 student learning, teacher efficiency, visibility and increased parent engagement

Parlaya tool to increase student voice and encourage a diversity of perspectives

PearDeck-a live slides presentation tool that works with Google Slides or PowerPoint presentations,and allows students to see the slides on their own devices. With Pear Deck, interactive slides can be added to solicit feedback, do a quick formative check, or just see how your students are feeling today

PeerGrade-a platform for helping students give and receive written feedback on written work. First, teachers set up an account and tune the settings for how and when students can submit their work. Students can then log in and access their teacher’s class, and they can interact with other students’ submissions and add comments and edits. Teachers can then track their students’ comments and their progress, and teachers can share feedback with students.

PanPalSchools-a social enterprise connecting students around the world through collaborative online projects

PlayPostIt-a video lesson creation tool that lets teachers embed multiple assessment types and track student understanding

PraxiLabs– provides students with an immersive and interactive 3D simulation of a realistic lab, enhancing their understanding and knowledge with a virtual hands-on experience of what they’ve learned.

Pronto– a frictionless communication hub that connects people via chat and video so that they can work effectively from anywhere

Reactored– a digital language learning platform where students can follow courses composed by teachers, or alternatively they can create materials that can be beneficial for their own needs

Screencastify-an ultra simple screen recorder that will supercharge the way you communicate at work. Record, edit and share HD videos in seconds/ one of my favourite free screen recorders for Chrome

Seesawa platform for student engagement that inspires students of all ages to do their best, and saves teachers time! Students use creative tools to take pictures, draw, record videos and more to capture learning in a portfolio

Showbie– a free educational app for teachers and students that makes creating and completing assignments, providing assessments, and storing grades easy

Socrative– a tool for fun and effective formative assessment. This ICT allows teachers to engage students on a range of devices for class activities. Teachers can use this ICT to record students’ results, and evaluate student progress. Socrative can be embedded into the classroom as a tool to assess student knowledge, where individual or group work can be determined – based on the teacher’s decision.– an interactive app for learning and teaching music. It features premium sound and song selection from popular artists like Imagine Dragons and Ariana Grande

Slide for Education– Q&A and polling platform for meetings and events. It offers interactive Q&A, live polls and insights about your audience

SplashLearn– is a curriculum-aligned learning program that covers kindergarten to grade 5 math skills through engaging games. It’s available on iOS, Android and web. By signing up for a SplashLearn free-for-life account for teachers and school, you can ensure your students continue learning even when they are not in class. Any practice assignment or assessment you assign to your students can be accessed at home for free through laptops, iPads or smartphones

StoryBoardThat-an online storyboard with a simple drag and drop interface and a large collection of custom artwork. It makes it easy for students and teachers to create great looking storyboards that bring visual learning to life.

TopHat– easy-to-use tools to engage your classroom, adopt and author next generation interactive textbooks, create assignments on the fly and securely administer tests

Tradepal– everages the power of technology to connect students with existing instructional resources on campus. Its mission is to make tutoring accessible to all, by removing the restrictions of time and place, to advance student learning outcomes and increase graduation rates

Tuva– enables students to easily explore and manipulate data to create their own graphs and charts. They promote conceptual understanding of important mathematical and statistical concepts and ideas/ data literacy/ growing library of curated, authentic, real-world datasets from primary data sources

Twinkl– inspirational lesson plans, schemes of work, assessment, interactive activities, resource packs, PowerPoints, teaching ideas

Quizalize– a fun way for students to learn information in a game setting. Students can take the quizzes as many times as needed to gain the knowledge of what is being taught. Plus you get feedback on individual students in real time. It is a great tool for you and your students.

WootMath– provides engaging, research-based tools to help teachers reach more students and help all students deeply understand mathematics

Write about– a visual writing prompt & creation platform perfect for classrooms and families

Vidcode– research-backed standards-aligned computer science courses, focused on open-ended projects/ computer science, object oriented programming, web programming, design, & JavaScript

Voces Digital-a collection of world language titles covering Spanish levels 1-AP®, French levels 1-2, and ESL levels 1-4, and incorporating grammar-, vocabulary, and comprehensible input-based approaches to language learning

Zoom-a web-based video conferencing tool with a local, desktop client and a mobile app that allows users to meet online, with or without video. Zoom users can choose to record sessions, collaborate on projects, and share or annotate on one another’s screens, all with one easy-to-use platform

3DBEAR– augmented Reality video app for education on iOS and Android. Engaging classroom experience for digital storytelling and problem based learning.

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    1. An incredible compilation for teachers! I believe it will definitely assist a lot of people! Thank you for sharing.

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